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Welcome to my commission site! If you'd like to order a personal-use commission from me, you're in the right place.Below you can view all options and pricing. I open each commission type one at a time: for example, a batch of full render commissions, followed by a batch of sketch commissions, and so on. The opening date for each batch will be updated here as soon as I have it, but you can sign up to my newsletter linked below to receive updates directly to your inbox.When commission slots open, you can purchase via my Ko-fi page, also linked below. Monthly supporters on Ko-fi and Patreon will receive codes for 10% off which can be entered at checkout on all commissions.If you'd like to order a commercial-use commission, or you have any other enquiries, please send me an email via the button below!All prices are in GBP. Full terms of service can be viewed at the bottom of the page.Next commission batch: YCH
Opening date: Saturday 20th May, 7pm BST

FULL RENDERThis type of commission includes a detailed illustration of your character, lined and fully coloured, with a simple block colour or textured backdrop. If you’d like a more detailed background, this is available as an add-on. Three rounds of revisions are included.Please note: if your character has a particularly complicated design, please choose the 'Complex Character Design' add-on when you order. This includes, but is not limited to: characters who wear full armour, carry large and complex weapons, are a robot or have robotic/cybernetic parts, have extra limbs including wings, or wear a very detailed outfit. As a rule of thumb, anything that will add a significant amount of time to the commission will require the add-on. Please note that mobility devices (canes, wheelchairs, prosthetics etc) are included as a part of the character and do not require the add-on.If you are unsure, please use the email button to send me an image or description of your character and I can let you know whether the add-on is required. Example images are included below for reference.

BUST - £60
(Add-on) Complex Character Design +£15
(Add-on) Complex Background +£20
(Add-on) Extra Character +£60

HALF BODY - £100
(Add-on) Complex Character Design +£25
(Add-on) Complex Background +£30
(Add-on) Extra Character +£100

FULL BODY - £150
(Add-on) Complex Character Design +£40
(Add-on) Complex Background +£50
(Add-on) Extra Character +£150

SKETCHSketch commissions are ideal if you'd like a quick and loose illustration of your character. Excessive detail will be reduced, so there are no options for additional character complexity. Finished pieces will be provided as a 300dpi JPG and transparent PNG.One round of updates/revisions is included. Prices are per character.HALF BODY - £30
(Add-on) Additional Character +£30
(Add-on) Additional Character +£50

MINI TTRPG TOKENS/PARTIESThese are a great option if you'd like some cute and simple artwork of your D&D party! Detailed character designs will be simplified down. The base option includes three characters, but you have the option to order up to six. Includes three rounds of updates/revisions.

MINI TOKENSProvided in separate files as transparent PNGs, these are ideal as character tokens for your online games, or you can print them out to use at your table.3 Characters (Base Price) - £45
(Add-on) Additional Character +£15 each

MINI PARTYWant a full illustration of your TTRPG party - but smaller? These are similar to the mini tokens, but show a fullbody image of each character, either standing separately, or interacting. Since they're so little, they contain minimal detail - and maximum cuteness!3 Characters (Base Price) - £75
(Add-on) Additional Character +£25 each

YCH (YOUR CHARACTER HERE)'YCH' commissions enable you to choose a pose from a selection of premade ones, for a lower price than standard fullbody commissions. They are made in a simplified 'chibi' style and can have slight adjustments made to make them fit the character (such as adding a tail, or changing humanoid feet to hooves).YCH commissions are typically themed, so they will be released in one-time batches and then will re-release with new poses to choose from. Due to the limited time available for themed sets, only one character (or pair, if the pose involves two characters together) can be ordered at a time.£30 - Individual
£60 - Couple Pose

WONKY ICE CREAMA quick, cute and silly commission option, these are my lowest priced commissions. Grab one (or more) of these if you'd like to see your character reimagined as a lightly melted, slightly cursed ice cream on a stick. Because who wouldn't?Due to their simplicity and the speed at which they are made, these commissions do not have a revision round and will be sent to you completed as a 300dpi JPG and PNG, but if I have made a mistake with anything, there is one round of fixes allowed. Please note that any complex details will be simplified down.£10 per character
(No minimum - max 8 characters per order)

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWhat information do I need to send when I order?
Ideally I'd like the character's name, a little information about them, any visual references you have, and an idea of the pose/expression you would like them to have (or you can leave it up to me if you prefer). There will be a space in the Ko-fi form to add any links. Images and written information stored in a Google Drive folder or similar are preferred over multiple links to different places.
When do I pay?
Ko-fi will take the full payment upfront when you order. The process is similar to buying a product in my store.
I don't have GBP, how do I pay?
Don't worry! Your payment provider (I have both Paypal and Stripe enabled through Ko-fi) will convert your currency for you.
What do I do if I only have a written description of my character?
That's fine! I have plenty of experience working from written references only. I only ask that you understand that though I'll do my best to bring your ideas to life, there may be some discrepancies between what you're picturing and what I create.
How do I receive updates on the commission?
I typically prefer to send updates via the email you provide when you order. If this is not idea for you, please let me know when you fill out the form.
Can I post the artwork online or use it as my profile picture?
Yes! Please include credit somewhere in the description or on your page, either by including my social media handle (@rbillustration on Twitter/Instagram) or my main website URL:
Can I print the artwork?
If it's for personal use, yes.
Can I sell the artwork or use it to promote a product/service?
No. If you would like to purchase artwork with the intention of using it commercially, please use the email button to send an enquiry and we can discuss rates.

TERMS & CONDITIONS- I reserve the right to decline, cancel and refund any commission slot if, for any reason, I do not feel comfortable completing the commission.
- If the customer requests to cancel during the commission process, a partial refund will be given, proportionate to the amount of work that has been completed.
- Refunds will not be given on completed artwork.
- If I need to cancel a commission through no fault of the customer, a full refund will be given.
- Commissioned artwork may not be used for commercial purposes or resold, unless specifically purchased as a commercial-use commission.
- Commissioned artwork may not be used in AI-generated imagery, whether to 'complete' the artwork by adding colour or other elements; in the process of creating something new; or otherwise, or sold as NFTs.
- The customer retains all copyright to their intellectual property (their characters and concepts), and I retain all copyright to my artwork. I may include commissioned work in my online portfolio and/or social media. If the customer does not wish for their commission to be included in any of these, they must state this when they enquire.

This is anonymous feedback left by previous customers for commissions produced in 2022.
"The commission was super easy to order, and a direct line of communication was quickly opened to gather any additional information. You do a great job updating with progress and adjusting to feedback to deliver an amazing final product!""Buying a commission from you was absolutely amazing! We gave you so many characters to tackle, and you gave us back a piece of art that truly felt like it captured all of their personalities. It was exactly what we wanted!""I enjoyed working with you! I thought the amount of updates were just fine and the quality of work was astounding! I'm so happy with my commission and I plan to commission you again someday!""Fantastic, an absolute pleasure to work with, and the results have always been fantastic!""Very simple, very streamlined process! I received all updates within a reasonable time and was told of any ongoing delays up front. The piece itself came out exactly as requested, and was provided in multiple formats for use, which I really appreciated!"